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Frank and his Mom back in the 80s. 


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This is Frank's Graduation Pic

A short time ago (Mitch) a buddy of mine who is a mutual frend of Frank's, and whom I've known for years through Frank, called me with some news I didn't want to hear. Mitch, (a Florida fireman) broke the news to me. In the early hours of June 23rd 2007, Frank Spier passed away in a Florida Hospital. Frank had lived with Melanoma Cancer for years as he battled his way through various treatments.  I Spoke to his family (Len, Steve and Diane - Brian was not present) and naturally they were all stunned even while expecting this. When I spoke to his Mom, she said he passed away peacefully. She held his hand as he slowly drifted away at 6:30am.  I believe Frank meant to stay around because he knew inside that his brother Steve's 35th birthday was today. Frank had just turned 45 less than one month ago.

I've known Frank and his family (The Spiers) since at least the 8th Grade. Our families have been close friends ever since.  Frank was on the verge of getting married and rather than checking out in a hospital, he should have been walking down the isle. "I should have been going to a wedding today rather than arranging for a funeral" were the words of his mom.

Frank Spier was a star in their home. His loved sports. His passion for sports was unmatched as he claimed NFL Draft Day and Official Holiday for him to watch The Draft.  Frank originally came from Yonkers, New York when he moved to Michigan. Later on he moved to Florida until he met Becky (whom he was supposed to marry) and moved to West Virginia.  During his battle in the final months he ended up checking in and out of The "UM/Sylvester Cancer Center" - South Florida's Only University - based Cancer Center. This was to be his final stop.

At least now, your in a better place and out of that pain you so didn't deserve.

Frank ol' buddy.. I've known you for a lifetime, I knew you as a friend and loved you as a brother. You will be sorely missed by all.

I first met Frank in Thompson Jr High which is now called Thompson Middle School.  He got involved in sports. We were both on the Jr High Football Team.  We would often walk home from school together. We lived just 6 houses a part. We became close friends in a short amount of time. All through school, including Highschool Frank was always involved in sports. He gained the nickname "PigPen" for his infamous sliding into bases playing baseball. He was a sports nut at heart. I remember when we all got involved in the big CB (Citizens Band Radio) Boom.. his handle was "Super Chicken".  We got into some pretty crazy stuff.  Years worth of so many memories. A story waiting to be told around every corner. Regardless of the weather I remember him always walking outside barefoot.  We would practice baseball in his backyard. I'd wear the catcher's mask and mit and he would throw balls so fast I would shaking just waiting for that ball hoping to catch it. He was a better pitcher than I was a catcher. In time however, that changed and I managed to get better but then if you had a 50 mph ball coming at you that young.. you'd learn to get better fast too! LOL

When Frank moved to Florida I remember the only few times I had the chance to see him.. the first time being at a place he called "The Palace". We had some great parties there. The next time would be when I was in the Navy and my ship pulled into Port Everglades so I rented a car and drove to see him.  That's were the picture above came from.. as I brought my ship's ballcap to Frank and he wore it for the picture. 

There has never been one time in which we didn't call each other in one way or another. I was fortunate... he was ok to call me on my birthday which was just one month before his.  In the words of Carolyn Dawn Johnson... "I know I'll see you someday.. but you just got there first".

Frank and my mom got along great. I'm sure they will have plenty of laughs and a great deal to catch up on... upstairs. 

DONATIONS: If you would like to make a donation in Frank Spier's Honor, the Family requests that all donations please be made in his name to one of the following Trusted Organizations:

"The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation" and/or "The St. Judes Childrens Hospital". 

Another way to honor Frank is to help plant a tree in Israel. Please do so in the name of "Frank Scot Spier".  Please use "Questions and Comments" section for further information unless you know me directly and can email me directly. 

I know Frank is lives on and is still with us in spirit.  

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"Your Dedications"

From Brian "Beave" Margolis (July 9th, 2007): 
"Hey "Goatman there's no booze in my drink" SCALE.........So many stories so little time ...RIP Brother I'll love you forever!"

From Billy Desmond (July 12th, 2007):
"I'm a loss for words and a lot is going through my head. At lot of great memories. Football in teh fron yard, his Mom's chicken, baseball (school and summer leagues). "The Hook", our almost trip to Toronto with his uncle are just a few. My thoughts and prayers go out to Frank's family and friends. The world has lost a bright light. I'm truly sorry. Billy D."